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Olive Oil Sommelier Certification



The renowned International Culinary Center (ICC) in New York and the Olive Oil Times Education Lab will present the first Olive Oil Sommelier Certification Level 1 Course October 8-10 on the ICC’s SoHo campus.

The groundbreaking program on olive oil sensory analysis will be taught by leading experts from around the world, including the Monell Chemical Senses Center president Gary Beauchamp, Albert Einstein College of Medicine nutritionist Keith Ayoob, Del Posto executive chef Mark Ladner, NYIOOC panel member and oleologist Nicholas Coleman, Chilean taste panel leader Carola Dummer Medina, noted New York merchant Steven Jenkins, NYIOOC president Curtis Cord and award-winning producer and taste panel member Pablo Voitzuk.

“The Olive Oil Sommelier Certification Program will bring the world’s foremost olive oil experts and educators to New York and the International Culinary Center in a comprehensive series of courses spanning production, quality management and advanced sensory assessment,” said Cord, the program’s director. “There has never been a greater need to foster a deeper understanding of this important food among tomorrow’s culinary leaders, and there is no better place to reach them than the International Culinary Center.”

“The International Culinary Center has always been at the forefront of culinary innovation, and we’re proud to launch the first Olive Oil Sommelier Program,” said Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the school’s founder. “We are excited to team up with the Olive Oil Times Education Lab to introduce a never-before-seen, innovative program to our current and future students.”

Advanced level courses will continue quarterly. Those who successfully complete the three-level course will earn the program’s Olive Oil Sommelier Certification.


Extra virgin olive oil is the unrefined juice from olives which has been part of the cultural heritage around the world for thousands of years. Like wine, olive oil reflects its terroir and exhibits complex taste characteristics depending on the olive varieties used and countless other variables in cultivation and processing.

Extra virgin olive oil is coveted for proven health benefits and its ability to enhance the tastes of foods. Chefs and discerning consumers around the world are learning to harness the endless possibilities and there is a growing demand for high-quality olive oils and those who can identify them at an expert level.

More than 100 olive oils from 25 countries will be tasted and analyzed during the Level 1 course, Cord said, drawn from the huge library of entries from the New York International Olive Oil Competition to demonstrate certain qualities and sensory characteristics.

More information and program registration is available on the International Culinary Center website.

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World Olive Oil Exhibition



World Olive Oil Exhibition

The biggest international trade fair totally devoted to the olive oil sector

21 to 22 March 2018 – IFEMA Madrid

World Olive Oil Exhibition

World Olive Oil Exhibition

The World Olive Oil Exhibition is mainly geared towards producing cooperatives and olive mills that seek to open new markets and exportation possibilities, as well as towards the main olive oil purchasers from around the world.


    • To contribute to the stimulation of international olive oil trade and its profitability by encouraging relationships among producers and purchasers from main markets.
    • To add value by increasing knowledge about the distinguishing features and the healthy traits of the different olive oil’s types and varieties, as well as the olive oil possibilities of olive oil use and benefit.
    • To open up new markets for olive oils.
    • To promote the health benefits of olive oil and its versatility in gastronomy everywhere.

The World Olive Oil Exhibition offers the unique opportunity to discover –in only two days– the largest variety of olive oils from the world’s main producing regions: Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, Italy and mainly Spain.

An unbeatable occasion for importers and companies to expand on their business contacts within a single place.

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World Olive Oil Exhibition



29-30 March 2017

Feria de Madrid – IFEMA – Hall 1

The World Olive Oil Exhibition was born out of the need to create a meeting place for international traders of large volumes of olive oil. It is a unique and novel space for highlighting the excellent quality and variety in the olive oil industry among the world’s biggest buyers.

The World Olive Oil Exhibition promotes the commercialisation of large volumes of olive oil no matter if they are traded bottled or in bulk, with the aim of converting this event into the International Olive Oil Trade Fair par excellence.

 photoThe World Olive Oil Exhibition is:

– A revolutionary new tool for the international olive oil market.

– A unique meeting space for producers, brokers, agents and buyers from around the world, and also for organisations and companies whose services help facilitate and promote the commercialisation and trade of olive oils.

– An exceptional opportunity for opening new markets and for promoting and publicising the quality and diversity of olive oils.

The World Olive Oil Exhibition is a unique space for meeting, conducting business and promoting olive oil. Its various areas include:

– Exhibition area: All stands are identical and delivered turnkey. WOOE is focused on olive oil products and on those who make them.

– “Oil Bar”: A tasting area where buyers can sample, quietly and privately, the virgin and extra virgin olive oils of each of the participants.

– Business point: An area reserved for meetings arising during the event.

– Conference program: The WOOE is also committed to discussion, reflection and information exchange. At our round of lectures, technical, commercial and whatever matter significant to the olive world are tackled by highly reputed specialists.

– Extra virgin oil tasting: The World Olive Oil Exhibition will also offer tastings of extra virgin olive oils of different origins, varieties and producing regions, as well as cooking demonstrations given by prestigious industry professionals..

Delicatessen with Olive Oil: A great diversity of gourmet foods and cosmetics which use olive oil as a main ingredient are showcased in this area.

Show Cooking: Reputed chefs will offer cooking demonstrations and free tasting of dishes made with extra virgin olive oil


  • To increase profitability in the sale of olive oils, by bringing together producers and end buyers in the leading global markets
  • To add value, by increasing knowledge about the differential characteristics and health properties of different types and varieties of olive oil, and how they can be used and enjoyed.
  • To open new markets for olive oils.


Exhibitors and Visitors

WOOE offers producers and agents the opportunity to effectively develop the internationalization of their products by participating in the only event specifically addressed to olive oil professionals worldwide.

This is an exceptional occasion to commercialize and evaluate their products and explain to international buyers in person all the characteristics that make each olive oil unique and different: origin, environment, olive variety, production and crop systems, composition, sensory profile, and in short, everything that gives them a unique value.

The event is aimed primarily at:

  • Producers and traders of large volumes of olive oil.
  • Financial institutions; insurance, international transport and logistics companies; etc.
  • Traders and end buyers in leading global markets.
  • Media of particular relevance to the olive oil industry.
  • In general, all professionals associated with the olive oil industry.

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10 – 13 May 2017

Expoliva leading fair national and international olive oil sector and related industries


Expoliva 2017 will allow you to attract customers as an exhibitor before the show

  • Use our online catalog to attach your business data.
  • Take advantage and access to our promotions section to put all products and / or services.
  • Deputy your fair promotions and / or sweepstakes in order to be able to be visited at the fair.


  • Because Expoliva is a guarantee to strengthen its position in the sector, investing in image quality, with the best
  • Because Expoliva has become the answer to the sector, a must for all those who are to increase and strengthen its business in the oil industry market thinking appointment.
  • Because Expoliva is the meeting point between professionals and the public interested in their products and services presented.
  • For Expoliva is a major reference in research, technology and health olive oil.
  • Because Expoliva is the most effective options to open new businesses and professional contacts and promote national and international level between industry players scenario.


Expoliva, reaffirmed its international character with the presence of more than 2,600 trade visitors from 40 countries as diverse as Iceland, Gambia, Ghana, United States, China, France, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey, among others .

Also it occupied an important place the celebration of the XVI Scientific-Technical Expoliva, organized by the Foundation Olivar Symposium, parallel to Expoliva and serves to present the latest developments around the olive industry, from all perspectives, from economic, to social, cultural, technological or health. In 2013 170 works, including presentations and papers, more than 600 researchers from both Spain and outside our borders, and the participation of 1,100 registered were presented.

In its effort to strengthen the international dimension of Expoliva, the organization has scheduled a series of meetings with delegations from other countries, among which is the visit of a representative of Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, France and Argentina.

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